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Eas Pedestal Covers by Se-Kure Controls,®Inc.
Put Your EAS Pedestals To Work Promoting Your Merchandise & Marketing Your Brand!
Eas Pedestal Covers PTR-700RL

 Pressure-Formed Cell Cast Acrylic
 White or Black Tops Available
 Less Than 1 f-stop Light Loss
 Camera Bracket Included
 Use for Open Ceilings
 Cost Effective
 Easy Installation
 Distortion Free Viewing

Pedestal Covers offer a cost effective means of adding a marketing tool at every entrance to your stores. Made of durable vinyl, they are custom manufactured to fit any pedestal and can be printed to highlight specific brands or seasonal promotions. They do not interfere with the performance of your EAS systems and are easily cleaned or changed. Ask Your Regional Sales Manager or Se-Kure Customer Service Representative for quantity pricing & additional information.
Eas Pedestal Covers

Provide 5v & Up To 3.0 Amps of Power with Our
PowerUp Center
PowerUp Center

All Ports Provide 5v & Up to 3.0 Amps of Power —All Ports —All the Time
Conveniently Powers ANY 5v Device Including: Tablets, e-Readers & SmartPhones
Available in Black or White
Requires Only 1 Electrical Outlet to Power Up to as Many as 12 Devices
Available in 4, 6, & 12 Port Versions
Use in Conjunction with Existing Alarms to Provide Both Power & Security


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